Add it to the bucket list: soak in a hot tub over an open fire in Ashford, WA!

Paradise Village Hotel, located next to the Rainier National Park, is known for its Cannibal hot bath. The big kettle allows visitors to soak safely over open fires of wood. It is heated slowly so the users can adjust to the rising temperature. And yes, that’s real fire and it is kind of like being boiled in a hot soup but it is an invigorating hot soup that is good for the skin. So sit back, relax and get ready for your next adventure.

And yes, that’s real fire — but it does not hurt.

We don’t require a reservation at the hotel to book the hot tub.
The Cannibal Hot Tub is NOT included in a room rate.
This is the rate for reserving the tub and not per person, so make sure you bring your friends or family along.

For a 100% refund of reservation fees, cancellation must be made 14 full days prior to check-in time on the day of check-in. If the customer cancels less than 14 days in advance, the reservation fees are not refunded. We’re unable to refund any payment for no-shows.